Terri is a Certified Fascial Stretch Specialist™ with a Registered Massage Therapy background.  

She uses Fascial Stretch Therapy™ in collaboration with other effective manual therapies.

​Treatments always consist of a functional assessment, muscle activation and a demonstration of exercises and stretches to perform to maintain the "gains" achieved during the treatment session. 

Terri opened Health Essentials Clinic in September of 1995. Terri's therapy journey began in 1993 at D'arcy Lane Institute for Massage Therapy and a whole new world has evolved for her over the past 22 years through many different courses. In 2005 Fascial Stretch Specialist™ was added to her repertoire. Terri believes that flexibility is a crucial factor in long term athletic success and improved quality of life. Terri works with a wide variety of clients ranging from children to professional athletes.

Terri's compassion and dedication to continued learning allows her to journey down the path of wellness with each client she has the privilege to serve. 

Terri holds a deep gratitude and appreciation for the confidence bestowed upon her from her peers and clients alike. Both continue to motivate Terri to be the very best at what she does currently and to evolve and grow professionally.

SPECIAL THANKS to Terri's Mentors:

RICHARD ROWELL: Thank you Richard for teaching me how to think outside of the box.

ROBERT TAYLOR: Thank you Robert for consistently showing me new perspectives on how the body, mind and spirit work together and relate.

ANN & CHRIS FREDERICK: Thank you so much for the gift of FST™ and teaching me the possibilities that exist in movement and flexibility.


Terri Ternoey

Owner of Health Essentials Clinic 1995
Registered Massage Therapist D'Arcy Lane 1995
Certified Fascial Stretch Specialist™ 2009 Stretch To Win Institute

Health Essentials strives to inspire, guide and elevate your everyday.